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Examining the Evidence

Site Credits

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FORENSICS: Examining the Evidence was produced by a team of award winning producers of PBS programming, web sites and other media.

Production Partners

Twin Cities Public Television

Twin Cities Public Television (tpt) has been one of the leading producers of science education for PBS for over 25 years, from the award-winning family series Newton’s Apple, to the Emmy Award-winning series SciGirls which engages girls in STEM, to numerous specials for NOVA including most recently Hunting the Edge of Space, to a gamified middle-school STEM portal called Sparticl. By creating informative and visually entertaining science content for both television and the web, augmented by activity guides for educators, training for teachers and community outreach, tpt National Productions deeply engage millions of children, adults and educators across the nation and around the world. In addition to managing the project, tpt brings broad and deep expertise communicating science to non-scientists.


Dawson Media Group

Dawson Media Group creates award-winning media ranging from private and public artworks and non-profit messaging to documentary production, educational multimedia and other film and video works. DMG has depth and breadth working with educational institutions, government agencies, non-profits, primetime broadcasters and cablecasters, feature film companies, and others. DMG was founded on the values of social capitalism, and does not produce projects that devalue human lives or promote violence. DMG’s mission statement says it best, “Doing Good Work For Good People”.


Hot Pepper Studios

Hot Pepper Studios is a multi-disciplinary design and creative services studio based in Portland, Oregon. Since 1998, Hot Pepper has created innovative web, mobile and interactive television projects for PBS, Oregon Public Broadcasting, Annenberg Learner and other leading educational organizations. Hot Pepper also produces WebVisions, an internationally-recognized event that explores the future of web and mobile design.


On Camera Experts

Dan Bergman, Forensic Science Consultant, Bergman Consulting
Hon. Ming W. Chin, Associate Justice, California Supreme Court
Peter Diaczuk, M.S., Department of Sciences, John Jay College of Criminal Justice
Christine Funk, Attorney at Law
Dr. R.E. Gaensslen, Director of Graduate Studies Forensic Science, University of Illinois- Chicago
Raymond A. Grimsbo, Ph.D, D.-A.B.C., F.A.A.F.S., Director, Intermountain Forensic Laboratories
Edward J. Imwinkelried, J.D., Professor of Law, University of California- Davis Law School
Dr. Lawrence Kobilinsky, Professor and Chair, Department of Sciences, John Jay College of Criminal Justice
Jeff Salyards, Ph.D., M.F.S., Executive Director, Defense Forensic Science Center
Dr. Cyril H. Wecht, Forensic Pathologist
Victor W. Weedn, M.D., T.D., Chair, Department of Forensic Science, George Washington University


Production Credits

For Twin Cities Public Television

Executive Producer Lucy Swift
Managing Producer John Kendall
Project Manager Melissa Block
Technical Writer Carly Vosacek
Content Developer Lisa Regalla
Line Producer Amanda Reardon
Editor McGraw Jones
Editor Nathan Reopelle
Designer Jon Van Amber
Communications Coordinator Erica Winegar


For Dawson Media Group


DMG Staff

Cinematographer/ Director Harry Dawson
Executive Producer Meighan Maloney
Managing Producer Mark Axton
Business/Operations Manager Constance “Lola” Maloney
Producer Chris Sisson
Production Coordinator Emily Morris
Production Assistant Ali Grigar-Dalton


Content Development

Technical Advisor Raymond A. Grimsbo, Ph.D, D.-A.B.C., F.A.A.F.S., Director, Intermountain Forensic Laboratories
Lead Writer Carrie Maloney
Animation Content Development Donna Matrazzo
Researcher/Content Development Yakov Bragarnik



Assistant Camera Hunter Kerhart
Assistant Director Dennis Brenhaug
“B” Camera Operator Tom Inskeep
Gaffer Bruce Fleskes
Key Grip Ken Riddle
Wardrobe Stylist / Hair, Makeup Crystal Shade
Art Director Gina Gubitosi
Sound Mixer Glenn Micallef
Sound Mixer Robert Silverthorn
Sound Mixer Larry Johnson
Sound Mixer Rich Ayres
Grip Vincent Quatrocchi
Swing/Grip Scott Walters
Assistant Set Dresser Jason Botel
Assistant Stylist / Hair, Makeup Rose Barclay
Production Coordinator Wendy Peyton
Art Department Assistant Jason Deymonaz
Production Assistant Kayla Anchell
Production Assistant David Hawk
Stills Photographer Sean Grasso
Storyboard Artist Dan Schaefer
Interns Kelly Carmody
Aurora Miracle
Ryan Lloyd
Claudia Claudio


For Hot Pepper Studios

Creative Director Brad Smith
Designer Eli Castillo
Designer Josh Luna
Lead Programmer Twayn Williams
Production Assistant Jennifer Jones
Administrative Support Cheryl Harris


Scenario Cast

Anthony Jorgenson, Crime Lab Manager Ben Farmer
Ben Crowe Tim Sampson
Brad Dorsey, Vice Detective Juan Canopii
Danielle Green, Prosecution Attorney Ashley Williams
Gail Martin, Defense Attorney Cecily Overman
Janice Baker, Neighbor Christine Shields
Jenny Zahn, Crime Lab Director Jane Geesman
Josh Vossic, Victim’s Husband Austin Hillebrecht
Laura Hennessy, Senior Defense Attorney Pat Boyle
Maggie Lane, Mother Sarah Chipowsky
Mitch Cooper, Senior Prosecution Attorney Dennis Adkins
Phil Perrine, Police Detective Eric Newsome
Rico Mendez, Security Guard Gil Luna
Tom Hartzel, Forensic Expert David Loftus



Barista Jory Bowers
Street Extra Leslie Ann Butler
Coffee Shop Extra Jozlyn Hager
Hanna’s father Jeff Howe
Hanna Lane Kaylee Howe
Coffee Shop Extra Leri Jacobs
Darla Grayson Sarah Lombardi
Courthouse Extra, Ed/Pattern Analyst Stephen Mauldin
Courthouse Extra, Bailiff Kathleen Murphy
Courthouse Extra 2 Armeen Monahan
Coffee Shop Extra Jennifer Oswald
Coffee Shop Extra Priscilla Prosser
Courthouse Extra 4 Michael Rodgers
Coffee Shop Extra Maribel Sanchez
Street Extra David Schwindt
Coffee Shop Extra Charles Taggart
Callie Vossic Niccole Wiser
Courthouse Extra 3 Yana Zelkind


Special Thanks

Aaron Kunders
City of St. Helens
Office of Columbia County Counsel
Bill Potter
Cynthia Zemaitis