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Examining the Evidence

The CSI Effect

The true effects of the popularization of forensic science disciplines … has increased pressure and attention … in the use and interpretation of evidence in the courtroom.

Television dramas often provide an inaccurate portrayal of how evidence is gathered and used in a criminal investigation.

Learn how law enforcement applies the scientific method to their work and why this fundamental understanding outlines the basis behind the science of forensics.

Learn why it is important that a jury presented with evidence understands what is reasonable, and what a jurist should keep in mind as they step into a courtroom.


Click on any of the videos below to learn more:

Forensics_Beyond the CSI Effect_head

Forensics: Beyond The CSI Effect

Understand how television simplifies real crime scene investigations and proper evidence analysis Play Video


As a jurist, it is important to remain impartial Play Video

Understanding Evidence

What is reasonable when it comes to analyzing evidence Play Video

Jurors Should Know

Learn what a jurist should consider when evidence is presented Play Video