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Examining the Evidence

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Press Materials for Forensics: Examining the Evidence

The purpose of Forensics: Examining the Evidence is to advance the National Institute of Justice’s (NIJ) mission to enhance the administration of justice and public safety, by creating and disseminating a modular online resource that gives lawyers and judges the tools to weigh the application of scientific methodologies and human interpretation in forensic science processes. Through this website, users will strengthen their capacity to make decisions about the reliability of the analysis of physical evidence.

This free, media-rich resource combines video, animations, re-enactments, a full glossary and online reading with downloads and links to significant outside sites, all addressing the conceptual framework and knowledge needed to assess reliable, scientific methodology.

The information on Forensics: Examining the Evidence is objective and neutral, assisting all legal professionals with their ability to understand and employ forensic evidence, and access to the modules is free of charge for all users.

Improve your understanding of forensic science by visiting forensicbasics.org and begin your professional development today!


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